Frequently Asked Questions

Still got Questions? We hope this will help. If not, please feel free to e-mail or phone on 083 542 2214.

Pole Dancing Parties

Can I pole dance if I have an injury?
Yes, depending of course on the nature and extent of the injury. Wherever possible, the agent will modify the routine to each lady's ability. It's not recommended too soon after any major op or during early pregnancy.

Do I have to buy a pole?
No. Miss Behaviour brings a portable pole. We ask you to measure your ceiling height to make sure the pole will fit. Because the pole extends between the ceiling and the floor, you need to make sure there is a support system behind the ceiling boards. The concrete slab of a double storey is perfect. Suspended or false ceilings have no support beams and can therefore be damaged.

Can I have a Pole Dancing Party outside?
Yes, in Gauteng only. In these cases we use a portable stage which does not need a ceiling for support.

Will the pole damage my ceiling?
No. There is non-slip padding between the pole and the ceiling/floor so there won't be any damage to surfaces. You do, however, need to make sure there is a support structure for the pole to press against. The instructor will NOT put the pole up if she is concernead about damaging the ceiling.

How much space do I need?
You will need only about 2m clear space around the pole itself, but don't forget to allow space for the ladies to sit or stand and watch while waiting for their next turn.

How many poles will you bring?
One pole is fine for up to 30 guests. For more than 30 guests we will send two instructors with two poles.

Lap Dancing Parties

Can I lap dance if I have an injury?
Yes, depending of course on the nature and extent of the injury. Wherever possible, the agent will modify the routine to each lady's ability. It's not recommended too soon after any major op or during early pregnancy

What kind of chair do I need ?
We use two chairs. The chair needs to be sturdy enough not to tip over, and have a back but no arms. You can send an Watsapp to 083 54 222 14 if you're unsure whether your chairs will be suitable. Don't forget to include your name and surname with the message! If your chairs are not suitable the instructor will bring chairs with her.

Adult Toy Parties and Lingerie Parties

If I order something at the Toy Party, how and when will I get it?
The Miss Behaviour agent will bring a range of the displayed products to the party. You should therefore be able to take your goodies home with you straight away. Where items are out of stock we do our utmost to process and deliver all orders within a week. Outstanding orders are delivered to the home of the hostess (i.e. where the party was held). You will be notified by sms or e-mail as soon as your order is ready to be fetched. If you prefer, your order can be couriered to you (R65 postage and packaging).

Will anyone know what I've ordered?
Not unless you tell them! Your goodies will be packed in a bag and sealed. Miss Behaviour will not discuss any orders with anyone except the customer.

How can I pay for my order?
Cash or credit card is best. Obviously we don't all walk around with loads of money on us, and sometimes the party is a surprise, so if you use internet banking, you will be able to do an internet transfer at the party. Miss Behaviour does not accept cheques or debit cards. Of course you can always deposit your money after the party and fetch your package from the hostess a few days later.

I'm too shy to order in front of my friends, but I really want to buy something, what should I do?
Don't worry. You can always place an order online afterwards. Find the item you want on our catalogue page. Download the order form and return the order form as an e-mail attachment or by fax. Miss Behaviour will then send you an invoice for the items we have in stock and ready to send to you. Your payment is made on this invoice and as soon as your payment has reflected your order will be packed and couriered (R65). The tracking number will be e-mailed to you as soon as we receive it from the courier. Your parcel should be at your door by 11am the next working day. Someone needs to be available to sign for the parcel during business hours although it does not have to be you personally who receives it. Don't worry - all parcels are discreetly packaged and do not say 'Miss Behaviour' anywhere.

What is your returns policy?
Any out-the-box manufacturer defaults will be replaced with an identical product immediately (with profuse apologies from our side!) Otherwise, products can not be returned. The reason is simple: for some of these items it is not possible to tell if the packaging has been opened. No returns means all our customers can have complete peace of mind that they are buying top quality, brand new toys.

Why must I pay extra for fewer than 10 guests?
Our Soirée agents make their living from commission on sales. It is unfair on the agent if they have to pass up a bigger party (remember, the agents are usually booked up weeks in advance) for a party with only 5 or 6 ladies where smaller sales means they barely cover their costs for being there. The additional R200 will, thanks to rising petrol costs, just about cover their travel expenses and is meant as a deterrent for hostesses organizing parties that they know do not meet the minimum number requirements. Remember that if the party's total sales are more than R3000 the agent will waive the additional fee.


How much space do I need?
The dancer will work with whatever you've got. Ideally though 3mx3m clear space. If you'd like the fire dance the dancing will take place outside. Make sure you are able to play a CD wherever the dancing will take place.

Can I book more than one stripper?
Absolutely, the guys often work together. The routine will last 30 mins with three dancers, 25 mins with two dancers and 20 mins with one dancer. Simply select one, two or all three boxes on the booking form to request the dancers you'd like to see.

All Miss Behaviour parties

Can my boyfriend/husband/gay best friend join?
We have a strictly ladies only policy at all Miss Behaviour Parties. We've found that the atmosphere is quite different when there is a male present, even if it is someone's husband, and yes, even if it's a gay man. Plus, there's a very good physical reason why men don't pole dance!! If it's toys he's interested in, have a quiet evening together with a bottle of wine and our online store.

Why must I pay a deposit?
Your deposit acts as your booking fee. Your party is not confirmed unless your deposit has been paid. So don't delay, make sure you don't miss out on the fun.

Is my party deposit refundable?
No. Once your deposit is paid we can not book other parties for that time slot. It protects Miss Behaviour from cancellations without sufficient notice. In certain cases, at our discretion, we will allow for a party to be postponed, in which case, your deposit carries over.

Can I pay the full amount upfront?
Please pay just the deposit as specified on the booking request form. The balance that you pay to the agent is her payment for her time.

Where are Miss Behaviour parties available?
Pole Dancing Parties and Sexy Soirées are available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and KZN. If your party is more than 50km from the nearest available agent, a travel fee of R100 per 50km or part thereof plus any toll road fees is added to your overall party fee. If you live in any other area, feel free to contact us to see if we can make an arrangement. Please note that Miss Behaviour's Pamper Parties, Miss Boudoir Parties, Strippers, Novelty Cakes and Nude Chef are available only in Gauteng.

Can I arrange a party at a restaurant/function venue?
Of course. As long as the venue is aware of the nature of the party and is happy to host the event. For pole dancing parties we advise that you double and triple check the ceiling specifications to avoid any hassles on the day. For dancing parties the instuctor will need to be able to play music in the areas where the dancing will take place.
Most importantly make sure that you will have enough privacy. The other patrons do not want to see what you are getting up to and your guests will feel uncomfortable and have less fun with strangers watching!

Online Orders

I'm not having a Miss Behaviour Party, can I still order something from the online shop?
With pleasure. Our party novelties, games, decorations and fancy dress costumes are a big hit. Find what you are looking for on our online shop

Do you have a shop I can visit?
Not yet. At this point all orders are purely online, so don't forget to place your order long enough in advance to allow time for it to be processed, your payment to reflect and your parcel to be posted. Parcels are posted counter to counter overnight as soon as your payment has been received.