Cape Town Strippers

We've seen it all before, yawn... Miss Behaviour says 'Enough' to the cheesy old stripper routine and brings you Roger and Dewald. You'll 'Ooh' and 'Ah' over these gorgeous male dancers. There are only a few occasions where it's not only okay to gawk at a near-naked man, it's expected. These guys are for the lucky Cape Town Ladies.
Male Strip Shows
  • The routine lasts approximately 20 minutes.
  • The cost is R1700 for a standard routine. An additional travel fee applies for some areas.
  • Choose casual, policeman, fireman, cowboy (or let us know if you have a special outfit request).
  • The guys will only strip as far as their briefs - even if you ask really nicely for more!
  • Fire dances must take place outdoors or in a room with a ceiling height of at least 3m. Please make sure you have enough space and are able to play a CD where the dancing will take place - the louder the better.
  • You can book one, two, three or all four dancers.
  • Miss Behaviour's strippers are available only to the lucky Gauteng and Cape Town ladies.
  • Your payment in full is required to confirm your booking.