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Bachelorette Party Ideas

ideas ..We know how stressful it is to organise the hen party on top of everything else you have to do to help your friend with her wedding preparations. Here are a few tried and tested DIY games and ideas to keep the girls giggling...

Bachelorette Entertainment
Girl's Night Games
Guess the Gift
Make the bride guess who her gifts are from. Ask each guest to attach a clue or an old photograph of herself to help the bride guess. Fine her if she gets the answer wrong.
Hen Night Entertainment
How Well Do They Know Each Other?
Print out the relationship questions for the groom to answer beforehand.
Print the bride's questions. Cut along the lines to make strips.
Roll up the strips of paper and slide them into balloons.Blow the balloons up.
Before she is allowed to open a present (or as a forfeit if she guesses incorrectly who a present is from), the bride has to pop a balloon and answer the question.

Bachelorette Party Games
Time Will Tell
The adult version of Pass the Parcel.
Print out the Truth or Dare questions.
Cut them into strips along the lines. Curl or fold up each strip and place them into a hat or bowl.
As for Pass the Parcel, the ladies sit in a circle and pass the hat around until the music stops . Whoever is holding the hat when the music stops has to answer a question or perform a dare.
Hen Party Games
Bachelorette Bingo
Print out the Bachelorette Bingo cards
The guests need to fill in their own cards with gifts they think the bride to be might get.
The first person to cross off 4 in a row shouts out 'Bachelorette Bingo!' to win.

Bridal Shower Ideas
How Well Does She Know Her Guests
Have all of the ladies write down on a piece of paper the name of the person they most fantasize about being with i.e. not their husbands/boyfriends.
Collect all the pieces of paper, fold them up and place them in a hat.
The bride must choose a piece of paper and guess who the fantasy man belongs to (read out the names for her if you are a small group where she might easily recognise handwriting).

For another version of this game, have each lady place 2-3 items from her handbag in a clear plastic bag at the beginning of the party.
The bride has to guess who the items belong to.

Bridal Shower Games
Hen Names
At the beginning of the evening have each lady choose a silly / saucy name.
For the rest of the party, you should refer to everybody by her new name.
Anyone who forgets must carry out a forfeit or drink a shooter.
If they struggle to come up with their own creative names, have them blend their mother's maiden name, the name of their first pet, and/or their favourite place together to create an interesting combination.
Hen Party Entertainment
Pin the Privates on the Hunk
The adult version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
You will need a poster of the hunk of your choice. Stick the poster on a piece of polystyrene.
Draw or paint or print and cut out colourful willies for each of your guests.
Place a drawing pin through the top of each willy picture (or simply add a blob of prestick to the back).
A blindfold.
A prize for the guest who pins the privates in the most accurate place.
Bachelorette Ideas
Sex Bingo
Each guest chooses 6 numbers between 1 and 50.
The hostess draws random numbers from a bag and calls them out at intervals throughout the evening.
If the hostess calls out one of your numbers, you must quickly shout out something you would say, or a noise you would make while having sex.
On your second last number you must shout "I'm coming!"
On your last number, shout out really loudly "I've come!"
First lady to come wins a prize.
Bachelorette Games
Cucumber Sandwich
All the guests line up around the room.
Sandwich a cucumber between your legs, and pass it along the line.
The drunker you are, the harder it gets!

Another version of this game is "Pass the Vibrator".
Instead of a cucumber between the legs, the guests hold a working vibrator under their chins and pass it along the line.

Hen Party Fun Ideas
Pet Hates
Have each guest write down her pet hate and a reason, for example, "I hate washing up because it makes my hands dry and wrinkly".
Then have the bride-to-be read them all out replacing the pet hate with the word 'sex'.

Bachelorette Fun
My Guy?
Arrange for the groom and some of his friends to visit the hen party for a few minutes.
Blindfold the bride-to-be and get her to feel their bare legs to figure out which is her man.

Hen Night Game
Happy Snaps
The ladies need to be standing or sitting close together.
Use a camera with a flash and self timer.
Set the timer.
Each person holds the camera at arm's length and points it at herself for a few seconds before passing it to the next person.
Whoever is holding the camera when it goes off must down her drink.
You'll get some fabulous, fun shots.

Bachelorette Game Idea
Blindfolded Makeover
Split into two groups.
Give one group blindfolds and makeup.
They have to give the other team a makeover while blindfolded.
Take lots of photos of the results!

Hen Party Game Idea
Male Model
Make male body parts out of playdough.
Awards points for realism and comedy value.
Use a blindfold for more laughs.

Bridal Shower Game Idea
Tasty Shirts
If you are going out, have everyone wear shirts with sweets sewn on, or a necklace made of sweets.
Allow men to bite the sweets off for a small fee.
The bride-to-be gets to keep all the money.

Hen Party Entertainment
More Fabulous Hen Party Games
Hen Party Idea image
Pin the Cucumber on the Hunk. The adult version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Have a laught at your guests' anatomy skills. Available from our novelties catalogue.
Hen Party Game image
Willy Pinata. Let's face it - what girl wouldn't enjoy beating a willy with a big stick? Blindfold and beater included, but don't forget to add your own treats. We recommend a mixture of sweets, novelties and adult novelties.
Bachelorette Party Idea Image
Hen Night Decision Dice. Not just for the bride to be, anyone can play. The trick is to find a place full of hunky men and use those dice as an excuse to do things you wouldn't normally get away with! Also available from our novelties catalogue.
Hen Party Game Image
Hen Night Dare Cards. 24 Naughty suggestions to get the party in full swing! There are plenty of suggestion whether you're staying in or out on the town! Available from our novelties catalogue.
Bachelorette Party Idea Image
Scratch a Dare Game. Each player takes turn choosing and scratching off one kiss from each row. Put your inhibitions aside and do as instructed! Available from our novelties catalogue.
Bachelorette Party Idea Image
Bachelorette Bingo. Find a place full of hunky men and use this cheecky checklist as an excuse to do things you wouldn't normally get away with! First person to complete her checklist wins a prize! Also available from our novelties catalogue.
Hen Party Game Image
Bride-to-Be Secrets. The hostess will ask questions about The bride's past; Her sex life; The happy couple; The wedding plans
Each guest writes down her answers and then the bride has to answer them. The guest with the most correct answers wins. Available from our novelties catalogue.
Hen Party Idea Image
Pecker Toss. Keep the adult theme going with this adult version of the Hoopla game. Also available from our novelties catalogue.
Bachelorette Entertainment Ideas
Some Extra Tips and Ideas for the Hen Night
- Set the date and send out invites as early as possible. If you are booking entertainment, get your RSVPs in a soon as possible so that you can book the entertainment early.
- Ask the guests to e-mail you a funny or touching story about the bride-to-be or the groom. Read them out at the kitchen tea, or select a few really good ones if you have a large number of guests.
- Ask somebody to write a description of each gift and who gave it as the bride opens them, so that she can write her thank you notes later.
- Instead of making the bride drink a shooter each time she is fined for an incorrect answer, have a collection of silly clothes and accessories for her to wear. The more she gets wrong the funnier she will look.
- If you are planning to go out after the festivities, why not hire a limousine or Party Bus? That way everyone will get there safely and you can keep partying on the way!


Hen Party Activity Idea

Bachelorette Novelties Idea

So, you've finished your Pole Dancing Lesson and ordered all your saucy goodies at the Adult Toy Party , now it's time to hit the town... Take your Bride to Be 'begging' at a shopping centre or night club.

Any gentlemen who wont make a donation? Let 'em have it: bun pinchers, willy measurers, willy boppers. All the accessories to keep you roaring with laughter all night.

Hen Party Accessory Idea Image

Everything will seem a lot funnier if you are dressed up or accessorized e.g. with tiaras, sashes, veils and badges. Yes, you will look ridiculous, but it's the last night of freedom after all, so let your hair down! See our Costumes and Accessories Catalogue for sexy hen party outfits and all the trimmings to get you going.

Hen Party Cake Idea Image

Don't forget a yummy cake for dessert! Or try our Hen Party Dare Cupcakes to get the party going. We have lots of Rude Food to complement your bachelorette theme.

Bachelorette Party Idea Image

Take lots and lots of photos. Use these Photo Signs to pose for some extra fun pics.

- Need more help? How to Organise a Hen Party (A quick Hen Party Ideas guide from
Bachelorette Theme Ideas
Hen Party Theme Ideas
  • Pyjama Party - All wear your pj's and slippers. Ideal for those winter kitchen teas.
  • Letter Party - Everyone must dress as something beginning with the first letter of the Bride's name.
  • Kamasutra Theme - Saris, bindis, sit on cushions on the floor, put throws over the furniture and lights. The perfect theme to go with your Miss Behaviour Sexy SoirĂ©e.
  • Belly Dancers - Hire outfits, or let the guests gets creative. This is a really sexy theme, we love it!
  • Famous People / Movie Characters
  • Girls of the Playboy Mansion. So easy to do with our Playboy decor and accessories available to order online.
  • Your Childhood Hero
  • Horny Devils - You can organsie the accessories so that everyone looks the same, or get each guest to interpret the theme in her own way. Horns, tails and forks are a must!
  • Fairies and Fantasy - Wings, wands, glitter. Great for your outdoors summer party with candles and fairy lights in the trees.
  • Different Countries - Everyone wears traditional dress for the country. Plan your food, drinks and decor to match. Our favourites are Mexican, Chinese, Indian and Hawaiian.

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